2nd Transnational Exchange


2nd Transnational Exchange

DAY 1 - February 22nd, 2022
DAY 2 - March 03rd, 2022
from 10:00 to 13:00 CET

IPRS, in collaboration with in collaboration with ASL Roma 3 (Italy), UCY – University of Cyprus (cyprus) Asociacion Consensus (Spain), CJD – Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands Gemeinnutziger Ev (Germany), University of Tartu (Estonia) will host the 2nd Transnational Exchange meeting in the frame of the EC-funded project INTIT – Integrated Trauma Informed Therapy for Child Victims of Violence (881677 — I.N.T.I.T. — REC-AG-2019 / REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2019).

The 2nd Transnational Exchange meeting will be held on-line via Zoom on 22nd February 2022 and on 3rd March 2022 from 10:00 to 13:00 CET.
As a project, INTIT is a coordinated effort to support systemic change, mutual learning and the expanded use of integrated, evidence-based trauma informed care (TIC) for child victims of violence and abuse in current approaches to treatment and service provision, which are based on the Barnahus or other models.

The first transnational exchange, held in March 2021, focused on the provision of care and services for child victims of violence in relation to Barnahus models operating in Cyprus, Estonia, Germany and Spain as well as other trauma informed care and prevention models with emphasis on services integration and cooperation with other agencies.
All Barnahus presented share the common principle of providing treatment of services under one roof in accordance with child friendly principles. Barnahus result from the identification of a need to address problems or failures in the existing system in regards to the way children are treated when there is reason to believe that the child has been a victim of abuse, especially sexual abuse.

This 2° Transnational Exchange meeting the attention shift from the responses put in place by specialized and targeted services for child victims of specific forms of violence to the challenges ahead for a comprehensive response to child abuse and maltreatment to prevention and treatment by social, health and justice services. Co-operation between different professionals may encounter several obstacles: this happens when competences are not well defined, collaboration is not formalised, professional languages as well as practises are different and there is no “place”/organized setting where cooperation can take place. These obstacles are even greater when professionals work in different services and organisations.

The exchange will highlight the main challenges and opportunities, models and strategies of multi-agency and multi-professional trauma informed cooperation in child protection for minors who are actual or potential victims of abuse and maltreatment in each partners’ Country (Italy, Estonia, Germany, Cyprus, Spain), by addressing problems or failures in the existing system and identify possible solutions and steps ahead. The event will involve experts from all countries involved in the project who are professionals in different fields (Justice, Law enforcement, Protections and Welfare, care and treatment) and share their views and experiences on how different agencies and professionals can cooperate in order to respond to the multidimensional needs of traumatized children and to prevent re-traumatization.

The first session, on 22nd February, will be focused on the best practices/promising experiences of intervention with children and their families from the filing of the complaint and the investigation and through the legal proceedings.

The second sessionon March 3, 2022, from 10 am to 1 pm CET, will focus on deepening the understanding of the roles, mandates and competencies of the different professionals who contribute to prevention, support and care of child victims of abuse and maltreatment and their families. 

Download the webinar’s agenda DAY 1

Download the webinar’s agenda DAY 2